"Away from mental chatter towards a clear and manageable path"

There is hardly a more ambiguous and unwieldy word than self-organisation. And yet I like this word and all that is associated with it. Because self-organisation solves many problems that we as people and entrepreneurs must deal with every day. Self-organisation is directly related to topics such as: self-management, leadership, communication, professional handling of conflicts, even if it may not seem so at first glance. The so often quoted time management is only one piece of the puzzle and to tackle it in isolation does not make much sense in my experience.

As an organisational consultant and coach of many years' standing, this is what I specialise in: moving away from mental chatter and assumptions that are not really questioned, towards a manageable, straightforward path. This requires your first step: much like the quote attributed to Lao Tzu: "A journey of a thousand miles begins beneath your foot."

Start your journey towards overview and clarity today so that you can

  • Prioritise clearly which issues you want to devote time to in your business and in your life
  • gain more joy and energy that will make you get up motivated every day
  • permanently reduce your work- and mentalload and clear your head.

My coaching approach

All things have to be on the table, be it facts, assumptions, beliefs, dreams, gut feelings, conflicts, feedback received etc. It is important to bring your thinking, feeling, and wanting together with information from your context into a clear picture of the situation.

On this basis, you design and create a realistic vision of the future that is in tune with your needs. With my support, you will lay the tracks yourself, piece by piece, that will enable you to transform towards sustainable self-organisation.

You will be able to

  • set clear priorities for yourself and your business
  • create a stable inner centre for yourself that can deal with the unforeseen
  • make decisions about who or what should be part of your life in the future
  • to involve others in your approach
  • finding the right balance of planning and letting things happen to you.

And above all:

You will be able to move into action

My clients

I work mainly with people who want to take their next steps with strength, calmness, and reflection and who want to reorganise themselves.

They are managers and self-employed, men and women of different ages. What they have in common is that they want to develop their own abilities and potentials or make them blossom again, learn new things and, above all, create space and time for the things that are close to their hearts.

The coaching process has helped me to anchor positive beliefs. As of today, I am on the way to trusting my abilities and developing the courage to stand by myself! For me, the coaching process with Harriet was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on my life and to make myself strong to achieve my goals.


Master student teacher

Working with Harriet has been a great benefit to me. Harriet is my supervisor on challenging client projects. Her perspective on the coaching cases and her know how are always an enrichment. Her supervision is focused, brilliant in content, combined with great experience.

Dorette Segschneider

Managing Director

nemec-tv GmbH

Thanks to the coaching, I was able to approach the goals I had set with self-confidence and to conduct the necessary, sometimes not so easy, discussions with the employees and also the works council with self-assurance. The coaching did me a lot of good and put me "on track." Dr Kretschmar came to me at the right time.


Head of company organisation
Transport Economics