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Personality Profiler -
Compact Package

Would you like to get to know yourself better in order to progress personally and professionally? Are you looking for opportunities to change based on your potentials?


  • To get to know your character traits, motives and competences better on the basis of the scientifically recognised BIG 5 model.
  • To discuss the result report in a personal development meeting with me as a coach with professional and life experience and to derive concrete todo's.
  • A check-up appointment to consolidate your implementation successes

Premium Sparring - Hourly Session

You have no one with whom you can discuss professional issues in a neutral and solution-oriented way? Do you sometimes need ad-hoc support in organisational and/or leadership issues?

Are you looking for supervision for your work as a coach or trainer?

The Premium Sparring Package enables you ...

  • to know that you have a reliable coach with life and professional experience at your side
  • build up or revitalise necessary competencies
  • gain clarity about your next steps

The focus day for more overview in your business

Do you have too many projects and issues on your plate at the same time and don't know how to work through them all? Do you want clarity about what to prioritise and what you can leave out in order to regain your freedom?

At the focus day for more overview in business ...

  • we work out a to-do list that contains only manageable tasks
  • we clarify how you deal with the things that are left off your to-do list
  • we define free time and further measures for successful self-organisation.

After your focus day, you know exactly what the next steps are for you and look forward to tackling them.

Boss in 90 days
of your own time

Do you only feel driven and controlled by others? Your day just doesn't have enough hours? Your own expectations only make things worse?

In the 90-day coaching package ...

  • you get to know your character traits, motives, and competencies better through the PERSONALITY PROFILER
  • work out your possibilities for more control over your time based on this information
  • become aware of what gives you joy in life

In these intensive 3 months, you will have learned what you can do yourself to regain the freedom to shape your life and your business.