I am very pleased to have been invited by Coaching York to give the attached lecture in May 2022 as part of the International Coaching ... weiter lesen

As a member of the ICF Ethics Committee Chapter Germany from 2011 – 2019, I had the opportunity to work for a whole year on ... weiter lesen

“From my own strength” was the slogan of my first flyer when I started my own business in 2001, because I believed and still believe ... weiter lesen

“Are you taking a break again?” my mother called through the door when I lay down on my bed to study (word of honour!). So ... weiter lesen

When we hear of “self-discipline”, most of us think about having to beat down our weaker self. That is somehow standing behind oneself with a ... weiter lesen

We all know situations in which we find it difficult to address certain issues. Sometimes we hope that things will take care of themselves so ... weiter lesen

Probably you also talk to yourself more often during the day? I advise clients to record what they say to themselves. And as a rule, ... weiter lesen

According to the dictionary, a habit is “an action, attitude or characteristic that has become natural through frequent and constant repetition; something that is often ... weiter lesen

Do you know the encouraging “One – Two – Three – Hop!”? That’s how I help myself out of bed in the morning when getting ... weiter lesen

What do the words “pull of the goal” trigger in you? Psychology professor Wolfgang Metzger coined this term to mean that a goal develops a ... weiter lesen

Gedanklich und theoretisch können wir alle unheimlich viel bewegen, aber wenn es dann um die Umsetzung geht, bleibt vieles einfach liegen. Jahrzehntelang habe ich mir ... weiter lesen

The New Year 2022 is not yet old, so resolutions are still fresh. (Even though I posted this article at the beginning of 2021, it ... weiter lesen