With me as an ICF/ISO certified coach you will find the appropriate way for you and your business to organise yourself.


You are at the right website if you...

as a manager, freelancer, entrepreneur, business owner, politician or simply as a human being are dealing with too many "construction sites" or have the feeling that you no longer have things under control. You want to "sort yourself out" in a calm atmosphere, be it to address leadership issues, to tackle conflicts or to improve your own work organisation or to bring your personal live balance to a new level.


What you can achieve
with me

You know what you want to continue to do in the future and, above all, how you want to do it and what you will discard. You feel strengthened in terms of your skills in areas such as communication, conflict management, work organisation and leadership. You have developed a bit further on your path so that you will tackle the next steps towards more success and joy in life with confidence.


What happens next?
The next steps

In the following you will learn more about me and what I have to offer. Take a first step, address your current situation and your desire for change. I look forward to hearing from you. For further questions or to make an appointment, please contact me!

Things that are important to me concerning you

Why do I support people in structuring and organising their life and their work or their business in such a way that it is coherent for them (again)? So that they can develop their own abilities and potentials or make them blossom again, create space and time for the things that are close to their hearts? Because I was able to experience for myself what a difference it makes when I am able to put into practice, piece by piece, the topics, skills and things that are really important to me, and to be able to enjoy them.

at a glance

Premium Sparring - Hourly Session

You have no one with whom you can discuss professional issues in a neutral and solution-oriented way? Do you sometimes need ad-hoc support in organisational and/or leadership issues?

Be the boss of your own time in 90 days

Do you feel driven and controlled by others? Your day simply doesn't have enough hours? Your own expectations only make things worse? The goal is to regain the freedom to design your life and your business.

The focus day for more clarity

Do you have too many projects and issues on your plate at the same time and don't know how to deal with them all? Do you want clarity about what you can prioritise and what you can leave out in order to regain your freedom?

Personality Profiler

Would you like to get to know yourself better in order to progress personally and professionally? Are you looking for ways to change based on your potential?

I welcome you

For further questions or to make an appointment, please contact me. I look forward to welcoming you soon in my coaching room at Münchner Freiheit or virtually.

...Based on my own experiences, the competence, the structured approach and the tips & tricks mentioned by Dr. Kretschmar, I have quickly and efficiently created a manageable path for myself again. Dr. Kretschmar is a coach I can definitely recommend! 

Eva Gundelsheimer

Technical Project Manager

Working with Ms Kretschmar has greatly enriched my professional development as a head teacher. I now feel confident in conflict discussions and it has helped a lot to sort out the multiple demands from outside. Every coaching session has been a great benefit.



The space created, the wealth of experience and the courageous and innovative coaching methods of Dr Kretschmar, have given us valuable impulses for the development of our company. We would like to thank her for this and look forward to more sessions in future.

Simon Remy

Remy & Remy, Gesundheits-kommunikation GmbH

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